blood orange season
28 / 06 / 2016

Summer News

Fruits back in season

Satsuma mandarins have attributes that set them apart from lesser known varieties. Their red orange, leathery and oily peel is known as “zipper skin” as it clings so loosely to its flesh that it can be peeled with just a couple of tears. Left behind is a fragrant and juicy segmented flesh nearly devoid of seeds. Though the flesh can be firm it is extremely juicy and sweet.   satsumas
Yellow peaches are the quintessential peach. They are distinguished by their thin fuzzy skin with hues of red, pink and gold blushing throughout. The flesh is aromatic, juicy when ripe, and gold-coloured.  peaches_yellow
Nectarine  is a rounded fruit with a single central groove. Its smooth skin is blushed with hues of ruby, pink and gold throughout. The flesh is perfumed with aromatics, overtly juicy when ripe, and golden coloured with red bleeds at the skin and surrounding the central rough pit.  nectarines
Apricots are one of the smaller stone fruits. Their shape is rounded yet oblong. The skin is smooth and velvety, golden orange with slight rosy blushing, depending on variety. The fruit contains a loosely connected central pit.  apricots
Italian (jumbo) watermelon , juicy and sweet, is also back in season. The weight of one fruit is around 10kg. It is being sold as a whole fruit only.  watermelon_italian


Fruits out of season

Cranberries will be back in season around November.
Pear Williams the season break is only acouple of weeks it should be available by mid-July latest.
Pomelo season usually begins in Autumn and lasts until April latest May.
Blood Orange season has finished for this year. It will start again end of December and usually lasts until May. The fruit needs cold weather to develop a really “bloody” colour.


Exciting products


Gooseberries come in many textural finishes: smooth, fuzzy, spiny, opaque and translucent, always with a taut skin and tomato-like flesh. Tart or slightly sweet, they always measure high in acidity.


Purple Radish

Purple radishes range from 1 to 2 inches in diameter and have a magenta purplish outer skin. The inner flesh has a firm texture, juicy consistency, and is not terse like other radish varieties. Purple radishes stay crisp for long periods of time and present a sweet flavour with mild radish spice undertones.


Courgette Flower

The edible flower of the courgette, or zucchini bush. There are two sorts of flower: the flower with the immature vegetable attached is the female and the more eye-catching flower on the long stalk is the male. It is the male flower that is sold in bunches and used in Italian cooking.


Kaffir Limes

Indonesian season just started.

Kaffir limes are unique to common limes in their shape, texture, fragrance and flavour. Their appearance is memorably ovate with a rounded bottom and conical stem end. The peel is rough, pebbled and filled with essential oils that give the lime its trademark aroma. The juice of the flesh is extremely tart and often bitter, and seldom used in cooking.


Black Currant

Black currant season starts in early summer and lasts for a few weeks only.

Black currants have a taut glossy black skin that encases a soft pulpy flesh which contains small edible seeds. The fruit has bright aromatics with a tart piquant flavour. Black currants have thicker skins than the red and white varieties, and can be picked individually without damage to the fruit.


Flat/Saturn Peaches

The unusual Saturn peach boasts a whitish-yellow skin brushed with colourful red highlights. Short and squat and about three and a half inches in diameter and only about an inch and one-half high, the tender skin is covered with a very fine fuzz. The juicy white flesh offers a delicious sweet flavour, a smooth texture, and a low acid content. It is also known as donut peach.




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